Secondary Glazing

Internal Secondary Double Glazing is a cost effective solution if the main window is essentially sound and in good condition but there is a requirement to improve thermal or noise insulation. If the main reason for considering Secondary Double Glazing is for sound insulation.

Secondary Double Glazing is suitable for all Conservation Areas and (subject to listing detail) Listed Buildings.

Manufactured from slim, unobtrusive white enameled aluminum profiles usually with single glazing. Double glazing is also available for specialist applications. These units replicate the design of and are installed inside the main, or primary, window.

The product range includes:

  • Vertical sliders for Sash Windows, with a tilting and removable sash facility for ease of cleaning
  • Horizontal sliders with removable sashes for ‘picture’ type casement windows
  • Hinged units for narrow casements, doors & French doors or windows. Sashes can be lifted off
  • Lift out units for use when only occasional access is required to the primary main window
  • Fixed units, usually only used to insulate glass panels within doors