Double Glazing Telford

Do you want to improve the energy efficiency of your Telford home? It’s been proven time and time again that double glazing (or even secondary glazing) can dramatically effect your heat loss through your windows. It’s been measured that approximately 18% of your heat is lost through your windows and that’s in an other wise well insulated home. This heat loss means higher fuel bills for you, condensation on your window and increased notice of noise from outside.

Why fit double glazed widows?

Glass is a poor heat insulator, heat travels through the single pane of glass very easily. This means that heat is lost through the window even if it’s closed and to keep a constant temperature inside you home you have to apply more heat to the room. Modern double glazing uses two panels of glass with a gap between them. This gap is filled with a gas called Argon which helps prevent thermal transfer and insulates you against noise and heat loss.

Damp and condensation is kept at a minimum with double glazing because the inside panel is ‘warmer’ than the outside panel and is therefore not the coldest place for damp air to deposit water on. Double glazing is a must in todays housing market, it’s become an obvious requirement for all house buyers and houses with double glazing tend to command a higher resale value.

So where can you get advice on double glazing Telford?

The best place to start is with a trusted professional company like C-Thru Windows. We have an enviable reputation in Telford for first class service, reliability and pricing. Being in the double glazing Telford window business for as long as we have has given us the experience to deliver the right job at the right price time after time. That means you can be sure that if you ask us for a quote or commission us to do the work, you won’t be left feeling let down or disillusioned with the end result.
Double Glazing TelfordC-Thru Windows were the first Shropshire Based DGCOS double glazing Telford company. Find out more about DGCOS

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