My conservatory is cold in the winter and too hot in the summer. C-Thru Conservatories Telford have the answer


Winter too cold, summer too hot? C-Thru Conservatories Telford

Why don’t you use your conservatory as much as you thought you would when you bought it? Is it because it’s always the coldest place in the house during autumn and winter? Or perhaps it feels more like a greenhouse whenever the sun makes an appearance?

If regulating the temperature in your conservatory is a problem which keeps you out of it, then C Thur Shropshire can help you move back in! The problem is mostly caused by the inefficient insulation properties of ordinary polycarbonate roofs, which are normally around 20mm thick, and are fitted to most conservatories in the UK.

During cold spells, any heat you provide can escape through the roof very quickly. And if there’s a spell of prolonged sunshine, the roof allows the sun’s rays to pass through but heat absorbed and emitted by objects inside the conservatory gets trapped inside. Even with significant ventilation, the conservatory can still feel more like a sauna than a comfortable room in which to relax.

If these problems are spoiling the enjoyment of your conservatory, C-Thru Shropshire can make it into a room you’ll want to use 365 days a year. The solution lies in improving the insulation of the roof, and this can be achieved in two different ways.

The C-Thru conservatory roof is a super-strong, lightweight, 200mm thick slate roof which makes a dramatic difference to comfort levels inside the conservatory. It’s a complete lightweight replacement roof, with shingle slates topping off rigid insulating layers, all fixed to a strong aluminium frame. The insulation keeps the heat in during the cold winter months, while in summer it prevents the conservatory from getting too hot.

The new roof can be retro-fitted to any conservatory, and comes in a variety of styles. It will substantially reduce the noise from heavy rain and will cut out much of the glare from the sun too. Internally, the roof retains the vaulted shape of the original, keeping the feeling of space. The ceiling can be panelled or plastered with subtle recessed lighting completing the effect. Overall, the roof has the perfect aesthetic appeal combined with outstanding practical functionality.

If your conservatory roof looks tatty or, worse still, has developed a leak, a new roof from C-Thru Shropshire will fix these issues too. Whatever the age or shape of your conservatory, you can have a replacement roof which suits your home and your pocket. it’s easy to revitalise the way your conservatory looks and make it an absolute pleasure to be in all year round.