Conservatory Warm Roofs

How are you finding your conservatory?

Doors open, sun shining, relaxing with family and friends there really isn’t anything like it. But there are times when a conservatory can get too hot and unbearable in the summer and of course come the winter it can be a difficult place to keep warm.

A conservatory is meant as a space of enjoyment so how can this room be improved? Over the years the idea of improving conservatories has been a hot topic and now we have the answer, changing the roof from glass or polycarbonate to a solid warm roof can improve your conservatory no end.

Conservatory warm roof

The process of the

Conservatory Warm Roof transformation is simple


We remove your existing roof leaving your side walls and doors as they are.


We install a custom made Conservatory Warm Roof that exactly fits where the old one was. We finish it off inside and out so it looks like it has always been there.


In a few days you get to truly enjoy your conservatory again protected from over heating in the summer and getting too cold in the winter.

Will it be too dark with a solid roof installed?

Not at all, depending on the roof shape you can opt to have Velux (or similar) roof lights installed and of course our electricians can install new lighting to your requirements.

Traditional lighting or recessed LED spot lights will transform your conservatory at night to a place where the whole family will want to be.

C-Thru warm roof with roof lights

Take a look at how we have transform some conservatories in the Telford area.